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Hgv Drivers Tom Tom does not have weight limits. But I have been told you can download them from the internet. Trying to find out which site this is. You can download bridge heights from for a cost. Hope this helpsPosted by PhilFebruary 14, 2007 New Map 4 Tomtom One hi can some 1 help me out a m8 gave me the new map for the tom tom hes has the 300 i put it on a sd card and when i put it on it asked 4 a code i went to and got the code but it say its wrong ?? need help will i have to buy the maps and not get them of a m8Posted by JohnJanuary 23, 2007 Sd Cards Compatability? Anyone know if I can use the sd card that came with a GO 510 in a GO 300?
Posted by JimDecember 30, 2006
New Maps hi can some 1 help me out a m8 gave me the new map for the tom tom i put it on a sd card and when i put it on it asked 4 a code i went to and got the code but it say its wrong ?? need help will i have to buy the maps and not get them of a m8Posted by JohnDecember 12, 2006 Lost Sd Card I have lost my supplied SD card and I'm trying to download my backup files to a Kingston SD 512 card but the TOM TOM isn't recognising the card even though now has identical data as the original , works with my mates original supplied card did I need to format the card first ???Posted by MikeDecember 8, 2006 Re:prices There's a list here on this site showing UK shops and their prices!Posted by DaveOctober 27, 2006 Re:prices I would suggest going to the TomTom website. Not sure where you are but they can tell you where to get one depending what country you are in. Posted by AhdOctober 26, 2006 Prices Can anyone offer a good place to get a TomTom, how much should I expect to pay?
Posted by GpsnutterOctober 26, 2006
Tomtom Gone Hi all, anyone know how I would get my TomTom repaired? Recently popped it's clogs. Thanks Posted by BrianOctober 12, 2006 Show Me The Miles hi i have a bought a tomtom910. as i am a parcel delivery driver, i can load up all my destinations for the day.which is fine accept i can,t see the miles of each journey so i can select the shortest journey. my friend has a garmin and his does. does anyone know how i can resolve this .georgePosted by George SinclairOctober 2, 2006 Hgv Drivers Pretty sure they don't give you weight limits. But I could be wrong. Posted by DaveSeptember 26, 2006 Hgv Drivers my boyfriend is a hgv driver and its his birthday soon was thinking of geting him tom tom but do they give you weight limits on roads? thanksPosted by CatSeptember 26, 2006 Tomtom 1 going to spain need map anyone know good hi st store in london that sells maps on cards. URGENTPosted by BrianSeptember 16, 2006 Ford Focus Heated Screen I am thinking of purchasing a TomTom but as a Ford Focus owner not only do I have a heated screen but also a solar reflecting one! Has any TomTom owner had this problem and can it be overcome without using an external antenna?Posted by Dave CoombsSeptember 16, 2006 Tom Tom Mount When I "click" the screen into the mount I have about 10mm of play,on a bumpy road the screen is shaking,anyone else had similar problems..Posted by Ty BurtonSeptember 13, 2006 Tomtom 700 can anyone help me please i have deleated all my files from my 700 by mistake if anyone as a tom tom 700 could they do a copy for me please my email address is i appreciate any help i can get thank you, reg. Posted by Reg StrathearnSeptember 7, 2006 Tomtom Support It appears technical support does not exist. For three weeks I have been trying to get help. They tell me they have to send the problem to a higher level and they will call back but they never do. They also will not give you a phone number to that higher level so you can call them. If your touchscreen goes out of sync it looks like you are just plain out of luck.Posted by Fred CrouterAugust 31, 2006 Tom Tom One hi i am disabled & my tom tom works for me & may i ask wer can you get free voice download plz thak you allPosted by JohnJune 16, 2006 Posted by May 31, 2006 Lpg Stations Europe Map For Tt500 HI!Could anybody help me to find LPG stations map in Europe,i've already got LPG map for UK,but going abroad and can't find smthing similar like for Germany,Holland,Belgium or France?Thanks for any advise!Posted by PaulMay 21, 2006 New Tomtoms Any reason I should be looking at these new models or are the earlier batch still up to spec?
Posted by DaveMay 11, 2006
Street And Postcode Finder We have found quite a few discrepancies in the map details, even though we have only been using the device (Go 700) for 3 days. Today was another example. It just does not have the capacity to find all addresses in London. It even got confused at Victoria Station, London yesterday!! And that IS a prime location. Where can I report this, so it can be put right in the future/updated in the program?Posted by Anita PintoMarch 22, 2006 Speed Cameras what page do we need to go on to down load speed cameras for freePosted by GazMarch 4, 2006 Re. Tomtom Voice Try this link for voices by ChrisMarch 4, 2006 Tomtom Voices anyone know where i can get hold of the ozzy osbourne voice for my tomtom? cheers! Posted by DaveFebruary 26, 2006 Samsung D600 And Tomtom Compatability i have recently purchased a tomtom 500 and a samsung d600 from carphone warehouse who told me they were compatable but they are not. does anyone know if anything can be unlocked to make them compatable or if there is another sat nav compatable with this handset.Posted by MikeFebruary 25, 2006 Tom Tom One Sd Backup I have backed up my sd card to my computer.then down loaded it onto another sd card, but i find that this will not then load into my tom tom one. can anyone let me know why this is.Posted by TonyFebruary 14, 2006 Tomtom Switch On (Naomi 6/2/06)- TomTom's can lock up sometimes. Try holding down the ON button whilst putting a straightened paperclip in the "reset" hole underneath.Make sure you have a full battery though.Posted by JulianFebruary 11, 2006

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