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TomTom Go 500
The TomTom GO 500 comes with pre installed detailed map of your country connected to the Major Roads of Europe map all pre-installed on an SD card. In addition, TomTom GO 500 has the same hands-free functionality as TomTom GO 700 via Bluetooth-enabled phones. A remote control can be bought separately for the TomTom GO 500.

All models are able to take advantage of TomTom PLUS services through a suitable Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

As well as door-to-door coverage of Great Britain and the ability to navigate cross-border to any town in Europe (17 countries included) TomTom GO 500 comes with some fantastic new features including Hands-free calling via Bluetooth. Simply tap the GO screen to accept a call or make one and talk through the GO's loud speaker as you drive. Other new features include :
  • Postcode navigation for simple and accurate selection of your destination (within UK & NL only)

  • A choice of routes: quickest, shortest or avoiding toll roads and congestion charge areas;

  • Itinerary planning: plan your trip by defining multiple waypoints and destinations;

  • Built-in Bluetooth connection

  • Phone control support: directly call your contacts or a point of interest through the GO;

  • Compass mode: displays compass on screen to have even more orientation while driving;

  • Car Speed volume: volume of voice commands will increase/decrease depending on speed of the car;

  • Anti-glare screen: always an optimal view, even in direct sunlight;

  • Ready for TomTom Plus services

TomTom GO Comparison

  TomTom GO 300 TomTom GO 500 TomTom GO 700
TomTom GO Unit yes yes yes
Software and maps on SD Card yes    
Software and maps AND Major Roads of Europe on SD   yes  
Pre-installed maps of entire European region on 2.5GB internal hard drive.     yes
Built in Bluetooth transceiver yes yes yes
Hands free phone capability   yes yes
Enhanced GPS receiver yes yes yes
Built-in loudspeaker yes yes yes
Rechargeable battery for wireless use yes yes yes
Remote control + batteries   accessory yes
Assisted Satellite Navigation (for use in tunnels)   yes yes
Product code and registration card yes yes yes
Suction mount amp; docking shoe yes yes yes
Processor 200Mhz 400Mhz 400Mhz
Memory 32MB 32MB 64MB
Cigarette lighter charge/adapter yes yes yes
Power cable and plug adapters accessory yes yes
USB cable yes yes yes
CD-ROM User Manual yes yes yes
Carry case + screen cloth yes yes yes
Easy set-up poster and quick start guide yes yes yes
Accessories catalogue yes yes yes
TomTom PLUS catalogue yes yes yes

  Price : 429.99


TomTom GO 500

GPS Navigation System - Amazon Link

Just plug in, switch on & GO: no installation or activation necessary

Door-to-door planning: detailed maps of your region + Major Roads of Europe

The latest street-level map of your country. Inc. Post Codes

Assisted Satellite Navigation

TomTom PLUS ready through a suitable Bluetooth mobile phone.
Other units you may be interested in : StreetPilot c320, StreetPilot c330, NavMan ICN-510, TomTom GO 300, TomTom GO 700.

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SD Cards Compatability?
Anyone know if I can use the sd card that came with a GO 510 in a GO 300?

Posted by Jim on 30/12/2006
hi can some 1 help me out a m8 gave me the new map for the tom tom hes has the 300 i put it on a sd card and when i put it on it asked 4 a code i went to and got the code but it say its wrong ?? need help will i have to buy the maps and not get them of a m8

Posted by JOHN on 23/1/2007
Hgv Drivers
Tom Tom does not have weight limits. But I have been told you can download them from the internet. Trying to find out which site this is. You can download bridge heights from for a cost. Hope this helps

Posted by Phil on 14/2/2007
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